Human Connections Through Unconventional Fitness.

Human Connections Through Unconventional Fitness.

On this week’s Escape Your Limits Podcast, Matthew Januszek attended The Summit by BFS at the Westin in New York City, where the best and the brightest in the boutique fitness industry convene. It’s the only conference where the entire boutique fitness gathers in person.


Eli Walker pioneered a new genre of “yoga entertainment” in an otherwise individualist tradition, re-introducing yoga to the masses as an accessible, uplifting social experience. She took her mission to teach kindness and connectivity as vehicles of joy to create the internationally acclaimed company, Drunk Yoga.

On this week’s episode we cover several topics including:

  • The inspiration behind creating a unique business & why it’s different
  • Defining what the fourth wall and containers are & why it is essential to break down these barriers in fitness
  • How the adaptation of COVID lead to a successful business model

To learn more about Drunk Yoga, click here!


Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Explaining what the “fourth wall” is
  • Why the “fourth wall” plays an essential role in group fitness activities
  • How to overcome bringing a new, provocative idea to the fitness industry
  • Why traditional fitness classes are slowly being phased out post pandemic
  • Defining what the “container” is & how the concept of “drunk yoga” helps people break that
  • How beneficial the role of escapism plays into joining a fitness class from everyday life
  • How Zoom classes helped people ease into the concept of a more intimate fitness class
  • Why it’s harder to find instructors for such a niche concept within the fitness realm