How to Dominate Your New Year's Fitness Goals.

How to Dominate Your New Year’s Fitness Goals.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, our guest today suffered from a traumatic brain injury in his early life which catapulted him into finding his passion in holistic health and fitness. At the start of Steve Jordan’s career, he became a personal trainer at the White House under the Clinton administration.

After his time at the White House, he became a celebrity trainer who helped coach and transform some of the world’s most influential people including A-list celebrities, professional athletes, titans of industries, and all those committed to improving their health and fitness. Recently, he released a book called “22 Ways to Optimal Health & Fitness.”

Today, we dive into:

  • Why HIIT training is the least effective way to exercise
  • The appropriate amount of exercise needed to get fit
  • And why longevity is the front runner for fitness goals

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • How you should maintain your fitness goals as a busy person in 2023
  • Stories about his celebrity clientele
  • Why longevity has become a number one priority in fitness
  • How do people find their “why” & motivation to be successful in their fitness journey/business?
  • How to change your views from seeing fitness as pain to something enjoyable
  • Different ways you can incorporate fitness into your life without going to the gym
  • How you can prioritize fitness into your life by not making it an option
  • Is working out less more effective than working out more? Is HIIT training even effective?

Steve Jordan on the Escape Your Limits podcast.