Discovering the C60 Miracle Molecule - Improving Cell Health with Nanotechnology.

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Discovering the C60 Miracle Molecule - Improving Cell Health with Nanotechnology.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is Ugo Amobi.

As Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Nano Genesis Labs, a 4-year-old bionanotechnology company, Ugo is one of the world’s leading pioneers in this new and exciting science.

Working with his team of engineers and scientists, Ugo is investing in and developing the application of nanotechnology to affectively administrate natural carbon molecules with healing equalities to tackle some of the world’s most prolific health inhibitors including inflammation, chronic pain, cancer, suppressed immunity and brain function impairment.

In addition to his commercial, nanotechnology research and development company, Ugo is also investing in microgrids and energy creation technologies with the aim of electrifying the entire continent of Africa with its 1.2 billion citizens. This will substantially increase the living standard for everyone, creating jobs and business opportunities that cannot exist without a reliable and dependable supply of electricity.

Today, Ugo talks about:

  • The journey into space that made a groundbreaking discovery and inspired a Nobel Peace prize.
  • How the discovery of carbon molecule C60 is changing the world.
  • Curing a hangover using nanotechnology.
  • Tackling inflammatory diseases, chronic pain and ‘brain fog’ through nanotechnology.
  • Vaping for good: using the application to administer C60 and improve lung function.
  • The huge pain management market.
  • Natural pain management solutions: an alternative to opioid use.
  • Using nanotechnology to speed up recovery and improve athletic performance.
  • Applying nootropics to expand the mind.
  • Producing energy from sand.

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