Creating an All Inclusive Fitness Community.

Creating an All Inclusive Fitness Community.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcasts, we continue interviewing founders of top fitness and wellness brands at Bold 2022 at the MindBody conference. This conference is an opportunity to meet and mingle with wellness, fitness, and beauty industry professionals who share the latest trends.

Our guests today are:

  • Thomas Drew, the co-founder of 1AND1
  • And Corey & Kiara Johnson, the founders of ATL Kula

Today they bring their thoughts on:

  • Bringing underserved communities together through fitness
  • Utilizing an ancient form of fitness to get younger generations moving
  • The sense of unity when people realize others struggle with their mental health

To learn more about 1AND1, click here!

To learn more about ATL Kula, click here!

Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Explaining how there needs to be a bigger focus on the underserved & BIPOC in the fitness industry
  • Utilizing impactful social movements to help spread knowledge on how to build a more inclusive business
  • Why people tend to feel more connected to their idols upon hearing their mental health challenges
  • Being aware of the content that is being consumed through social media
  • How an ancient form of fitness is bringing younger generations together to improve their health
  • Why building a community is the best way to have your business expand
  • Why agility is more important than people realize
  • Why big brands are sponsoring smaller brands because of their purpose and what their message is to inspire a community