Creating a Successful Business Through Vision & Values, Armah Sports.

Creating a Successful Business Through Vision & Values, Armah Sports.

On this week’s Escape Your Limits Podcast episode, our guest today co-founded a gym which went on to become the 15th largest global fitness club chain with more than 150 clubs. He took this company public on the Saudi Stock Exchange in 2018.

Soon after, Fahad Alhagbani and his family sold the business, and they went on to create a Saudi-based trio of fitness brands. He had a vision for it to be built on a foundation of software and technology. By establishing this new business, Armah Sports, he created an experience that would be unique and ground-breaking on the world stage.

The CEO & co-founder of Armah Sports shares:

  • The challenges of mixing family with business
  • How visiting over 100 of the best facilities in the world helped educate him on the do’s & don’ts of fitness
  • And how he was able to physically embody the company’s branding into his facility

To learn more about Armah Sports, click here!

Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • The background of Saudi Arabia economically and fitness
  • The start of the first fitness facility they created
  • The development and success of Fitness Time
  • The top five tips to create a successful business
  • How to bring in investors to a family business that share the same vision and values
  • The challenges and benefits of mixing family with business
  • Why branding is the most important aspect when it comes to designing a gym
  • How he visited over 100 of the best gym facilities to understand what he could apply to his facilities

Fahad Alhagbani on the Escape Your Limits podcast.