Coaching the Toughest Athletes in the World - Ivan Ivanov.

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Coaching the toughest athletes in the world - Olympic Coach Ivan Ivanov.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is Ivan Ivanov, Olympic Greco-Roman wrestler and world silver medalist turned renowned and respected coach, CEO and Founder of fitness tools and training methods company, Suples and inventor of the Bulgarian Bag.

Having been recruited by the United States by USA Wrestling in 1999 to assist with its national and Olympic wrestling programs, Ivanov soon made the decision to stay and became the Head Coach of the TAC Wrestling Club in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he developed multiple US National Greco-Roman and freestyle champions.

After this success, Ivanov was appointed Head Greco-Roman Wrestling Coach at the Training Centre in Michigan where he developed several Olympic medalists from 2002 to 2009.

Building on this, Ivanov was inducted with highest honors into the USA National Wrestling Hall of Fame in the category of Lifetime Distinguished Service and Achievement and just last year, Ivanov was appointed as General Manager of US Greco-Roman Programmes for USA Wrestling.

Now, as CEO and Founder of Suples, and a highly experienced, and respected coach, Ivanov continues to help aspiring athletes through his successful style of coaching, focusing on control and structured programs, and driving his athletes to find the self-motivation and determination required to be the best they can be.

We caught up with Ivan at the Bulgarian Bag World Championships which took place in Boise, Idaho last month. In this podcast, Ivan talks about:
  • Coaching through control and structure.
  • The difference between talented and coachable athletes.
  • Sparking the light in his athletes.
  • Why it’s key to find your own style of coaching.
  • Integrating the Bulgarian Bag into his training.
  • Always accepting the challenge.
  • Preparing for competition.
  • Learning from every experience.

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