Changing Fitness Through Technology.

Changing Fitness Through Technology.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, we introduce to you a special partnership with the FitTech Summit: Holy Health and Emma Barry. In this special series, we explore the role that tech plays in fitness with prominent founders who have changed the fitness space with their technology.

In today’s episode, we interview Greg Zinone. He is the is the founder of Pro vs GI Joe, now Joint Forces Initiative, and 514eSports. Founded in 2007 by Greg and his combat veteran wife Addie, Pro vs GI Joe puts on online and in-person esports competitions between professional athletes and celebrities, and troops stationed all over the world. Pro vs GI Joe was the first organization of any kind to bring online gaming to troops in the Middle East.

More recently, due to the reputation and relationships established from Pro vs GI Joe’s success, Greg founded 514 eSports, an ESports strategy and media company for top pro athletes, pro sport teams, celebrities and influencers to find and make their mark in the gaming space.

Recently, he moved into the Blockchain space with KLOUT, a platform built to house celebrity driven and created NFTs and in game playable tokens.

Today, he shares:

  • The defining purpose behind his multiple businesses
  • How e-sports has evolved over the years and why it is a booming success
  • His expertise in NFT’s, blockchains, and WEB 3.0

Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Defining what e-sports is, and how the players differ from NFL players
  • Why gamers burn out faster than regular athletes
  • What the number one concern is when it comes to gaming and the metaverse
  • Why starting a business with the goal of money will not survive
  • Why community should be the centre of all business branding
  • Going into depth about the world of NFT’s
  • Why businesses should not dive into the world of NFT’s and the metaverse based on it being a a current trend
  • Explaining how fitness is crucial to being held accountable by yourself and others