Bridging the Gap Between Mental Health & Motivation.

Bridging the Gap Between Mental Health & Motivation.

On this weeks episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, we continue interviewing fitness founders and winners from the IDEA® World Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada where both fitness and wellness sectors come together to provide incomparable guidance for all fit-pros at all career stages.

We sat down with:

1). Mental Health Therapist & NASM Strong Mind, Strong Body Podcast Host, Angie Miller

2). The VP of Business Development of FIBR, R.C Hahn, and VP of Brand/Product Development of FIBR, Nelson Spruce

3). And Senior Director of Fitness of YouFit Gyms, Raphael  Konforti

Our guests sit down and explain:

  • Why recovery and diet are the most important factors during any fitness journey
  • How partnerships can help personal branding expand, especially with personal trainers
  • And bridging mental health and fitness to build positive emotions

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • The emotional motion of bridging mental health and fitness
  • Focusing on movement before launching into a fitness plan
  • Mental health being healed by working out
  • Bridging the gap between gym facilities and gym trainers to build professional relationships
  • Understanding why quality trainers are harder to find these days
  • Why doing things you love help improve your fitness journey
  • Consistency being the most important factor when it comes to personal training
  • How the new personal training methods are more effective for clients than ever before