Beyond the Gym: Expert Perspectives on The Future for Fitness Businesses.

Beyond the Gym: Expert Perspectives on The Future for Fitness Businesses.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, we continue interviewing multiple successful companies who have integrated tech into fitness and have changed the world of fittech with Emma Barry.

The Connected Health & Fitness Summit highlights the increased desire for a hybrid approach, demand for more holistic health offerings, and a preference for a highly personalized fitness experience.

Today, we had the opportunity to connect with prominent players in Equinox, Safe Sweat, The Wellness Program, and Fhitting Room.

They shared with us:

  •  The difference between creating a unique facility versus creating a community
  •  The new definition of fitness and wellness
  •  And why specifically targeting the “real beginners” in fitness is an untapped business opportunity

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • What the difference is between creating a unique space and creating a community
  • The concept of changing what a gym is supposed to look like to something more conventional and inviting to all
  • Evaluating what the consumer trends are and how they can be applied
  • People approaching recovery with the same intensity as they approach working out
  • Why brand partnerships help elevate your brand, and how they can be effective
  • Why your fitness facility needs to encompass a person’s ecosystem rather than just being the 1 hour of fitness in someone’s life
  • How to create a seamless integration system between tech and fitness
  • New trends between fitness and tech that help improve people’s wellness and overall health