America's Fitness Masterminds at SIBEC North America 2022.

America’s Fitness Masterminds at SIBEC North America 2022.

On this weeks episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, Escape Fitness continues their journey at Sibec in Coronado, California where Matthew Januszek meets with multiple founders and CEOs of various fitness studios across the United States.


Sibec is an unparalleled way to do business.  A key component to a successful business is the ability to develop a network of industry partners – suppliers who can provide products that can serve the best interests of the fitness and fitness club management from throughout the country to be able to network and share best practices.  SIBEC creates the platform to foster these relationships–the event combines a forum of one-on-one meetings with great networking activities for the perfect combination to promote business relationships.

He was able to sit down with The Chief Strategy Officer of REGYMEN FITNESS & Co-Founder of The Covery Wellness Spa, Edward Navan, The President, CEO, and Founder of Fitness Project, Bryan Murphy, The Senior Director of Fitness of Fitness Formula Clubs, Jon Baraglia, and The Chief Operating Officer at World Gym International, Jarrod Saracco.

These guests explain why recovery centers are gaining more traction in the fitness industry, why interest in functional training has increased overall, and why social aspects are considered key in joining a gym.

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Why recovery is important not just physically, but mentally as well
  • Why fitness goers aren’t as interested in the recovery process as those who are newer to fitness
  • How recovery will soon be essential in the fitness industry that could potentially make millions
  • Finding a deeper purpose when building a fitness facility
  • Highlighting the importance of giving back to a community that isn’t as fortunate
  • Why heavy lifting has jumped up in popularity
  • How virtual training & virtual coaches has positively impacted the fitness industry
  • Accepting that not all fitness centers are the right fit for someone
  • Encouraging people to find a gym that works for in favor of their needs