America's Fitness Gamechangers at Sibec.

America’s Fitness Gamechangers at Sibec.

On this weeks episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, Escape Fitness was fortunate enough to attend Sibec in Coronado, California where we interview multiple founders and CEOs of various fitness studios across the United States.


Sibec is an unparalleled way to do business.  A key component to a successful business is the ability to develop a network of industry partners – suppliers who can provide products that can serve the best interests of the fitness and fitness club management from throughout the country to be able to network and share best practices.  SIBEC creates the platform to foster these relationships–the event combines a forum of one-on-one meetings with great networking activities for the perfect combination to promote business relationships.

We had the opportunity to interview Joel Tallman, the CEO & Founder of MUV Brands, Jeff Jeran, the Corporate Director of Fitness Services at Valley Health, Peter Jenkins, the Director of Fitness at Blink Fitness, And Robert J Shannon Jr, Global Event Director of Sibec Events,

These guests were able to share their desires to keep on expanding their fitness facilities through consumer research, why having an amazing team of employees contributes to the retention of memberships, and how affordability plays an essential role for returning customers.

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Why gym goers are looking to build relationships with the staff of their fitness facilities
  • How a businesses branding molds into the target audience of each region they are in
  • The importance of having a great group of staff and how they keep the business alive
  • Why medicine and fitness go hand in hand
  • How using medical fitness creates a higher mortality rate
  • Why strength training, body weights, and functional training is at an all time high
  • Why affordability is a defining factor in a gym membership
  • What it takes to plan an event for the fitness industry
  • Why attending these events are helpful in business growth