A New Trillion Dollar Fitness Industry.

A New Trillion Dollar Fitness Industry.

On this week’s Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest today is known as the “daddy of data-“ David Minton. He has been collecting and analyzing data from the fitness sector for the past two decades and reporting it to the public.

He is also the founder of The Leisure Database company which is a leading independent specialist in the leisure sector, providing key market intelligence and analysis across the fitness industry in the form of an annual state of the industry report,

Due to the pandemic the last State of the Industry Report was conducted in 2019 so there is an eager anticipation surrounding the 2022 report which is due for public release this May.

Minton explains how the government has been unable to report on accurate data about the fitness industry due to inaccurate collection because of the pandemic which caused a struggle for facilities stay open. He also enlightens us on an untapped fitness opportunity with the older generation revolving around healthy movement, and the evolution of the definition of what a “low cost” gym is.

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • The false data the government provides about the fitness industry.
  • How older generations are more intent on staying fit and actively moving.
  • Healthy movement targeted towards the right demographic can turn into a trillion dollar industry.
  • Combining A.I. & fitness to create personalized programming for each person which encourages movement.
  • If the improvement of quality equipment in facilities will bring in more customers.
  • How the pandemic has affected society’s habits of going to fitness centers, and why it’s harder to go to a gym.
  • How people’s lack of knowledge of health and nutrition impacts the low cost fitness model.
  • Gaining some insight in David’s upcoming 2022 report.
  • Untapped growth opportunity that most fitness brands are ignoring.


David Minton on the Escape Your Limits podcast.

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