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Training indoors? You’re missing out! - Blog.

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Training indoors? You’re missing out!

It’s no secret that gym members often struggle with boredom and a lack of motivation. That’s no surprise if their experience is doing the same exercises, day after day, in an uncomfortable windowless gym.

This is why many trainers and gyms are taking the clients outside. Parking lots, local parks and beaches are transformed into exercise spaces around the world and clients are loving it.

So here’s our look at some powerful reasons why outdoor training is good for clubs and members. We’ve also included our six favourite Escape products for fresh air workouts.

Training indoors? You’re missing out!

Why training in the outdoors is fun AND effective

The best gyms make sure they offer members fresh exercises to maintain high engagement levels, and to help them achieve their fitness goals. These gyms are aware of the risk of boredom and are proactive in addressing it head on.

One way to do this is to add some outdoor training to what a gym offers. Adding capacity for training outdoors has many benefits for clubs, trainers and members:

It lets people beat the queues in busy gyms. Creating more facilities reduces the chance of long waiting times to get onto a popular session or class.

Group workouts get more space outdoors. Outside space is typically more generous than indoors, so there needn’t be any compromise on space. Groups can move around safely with less chance of bumping into someone.

It can be done just about anywhere. Don’t think that you need custom-built spaces for outdoor workouts. Even the most humdrum car park can become an outdoor gym. In fact, a grubby area can add to the feeling of getting serious about fitness.

Training indoors? You’re missing out!

Headroom is limitless. Some exercises need plenty of headroom, like muscle-ups, barbell thrusters and trampoline workouts. When the ceiling is replaced by the sky this stops being an issue.


Fresh air makes for a better experience. Every gym user knows that sometimes the air they breathe feels unpleasant. Indeed, a 2014 study in Lisbon found air in gyms had ‘high levels of airborne dust, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide in concentrations that exceeded most accepted standards for indoor air quality’. Contrast that with outdoor training, where in most cases the air will feel fresher and more pleasant.

Training outside has health benefits. Training outdoors isn’t just a lot of fun: it’s good for health too. It increases extra exposure to the sunlight that supplies the body with vitamin D. It also burns more calories (up to 30 percent according to one study) and produces higher levels of post-exercise endorphins.

It generates extra revenue for gyms. A gym’s bottom line can get a big boost from adding outdoor training. If there’s no spare floor space in the gym itself, land outside can be turned into a revenue-generating area.

Outdoor training is awesome PR. If a gym has some training happening outdoors, or installs a stylish training frame in a highly visible place, it tells a story about fitness being a much more exciting experience than people imagined.

Escape’s ‘dirty half dozen’ for outdoor training

Most products in the Escape Fitness range of training equipment can be used outdoors, as long as common sense care and maintenance precautions are taken.

Here are six to check out:

Octagon functional training frames: now available in an outdoor version.

Training indoors? You’re missing out!

The new super-rugged version of the Octagon is ready for whatever the elements can throw at it. Since its launch the Octagon family of frames has established itself as a powerful fixture in gyms around the world. Now it is available in a version with two new developments to withstand harsh outdoor conditions:

- Special weatherproofing for the frame. The frame is lacquered with a hot zinc spray finish, which is a well-established process for the prevention of corrosion.

- Stainless steel attachments, nuts and bolts. The anti-corrosion properties of stainless steel make it perfect for use on attachments like Monkey Bars and Pull-Up Bars.

Battle Bag: take it anywhere, treat it rough.

Training indoors? You’re missing out!

This ultimate weight bag has four compartments that can be filled with a variety of material such as sand, gravel, stones or even water bottles. Made from hard wearing and water-resistant materials throughout, it’s been designed for the outdoors and is built to last.

 Slamball: slam it to the ground, indoors or out.

Training indoors? You’re missing out!

The Slamball makes you work hard thanks to an unstable deadweight that pushes you to the limit. Although especially rough ground should be avoided, the Slamball’s tough exterior and reinforced internal valve can handle most surfaces.

 Battle Rope: waterproof for boot camps and more.

Training indoors? You’re missing out!

Made with high quality tight weave waterproof nylon, the Escape Battle Rope is ready to take the strongest beating and stand up to the harshest weather for outdoor training. All it takes is a few anchor points fitted to an external wall and you are good to go!

Bulgarian Bag: get it wet, wipe it dry.

Training indoors? You’re missing out!

The Bulgarian Bag is another super-tough piece of kit that doesn’t mind the weather. We wouldn’t recommend throwing it around on rough concrete, but on grass or suitable outdoors fitness flooring it shrugs off moisture and wipes dry after the workout.

Escape Jump Ropes: cut through that fresh air!

Training indoors? You’re missing out!

There are three ropes in the range and all of them are ideal for outdoor use. Rope jumping is great for the outdoors because it ensures users have plenty of room. For beginners especially, the technique takes a while to acquire and removing fear of colliding with walls, ceilings or other members makes a lot of sense.

Let’s get out there!

If you are a club operator or trainer looking for ways to incorporate more outdoor training into your programming, give us a call. Our sales team are out in the field every week and know what types of equipment and programming is going down a storm with members.

Give the team a call on +44 (0)1733 313535 or email us at  [email protected].

And if you are someone looking for fitness equipment to use in your garden, local park, beach or anywhere else outside, we also invite you to check out the products listed above or browse through our online shop of fitness products.