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49ers Fit is the 36,000 square foot gym opened so athletes and fans can train for fitness like NFL Super Bowl champions.

Bringing further benefits of exercise to the Bay Area, 49ers Fit features one of the largest, heaviest and most functional Escape custom frames installed anywhere in the US to date, along with a whole lot more additional exercise equipment.

Through innovative gym design whether you’re a San Francisco 49ers superfan, your fitness dreams lie in group exercise studios, or you just want to enjoy a workout on your own, anyone can train like a pro American football player.

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What does it take to get American football fit?

Michelle Cornett is one of the coaches at 49ers Fit. She explains what you can expect when you start your journey to get American football fit.

“I specialise in strength training,” says Michelle. “Giving people the max out on their full potential is something that I will always try to do my best in. Every time I come into this gym it’s a new day, and a new day to make someone else’s day! That’s why I’m here and why 49ers Fit is a great gym.”

49ers wide receiver, Trent Taylor, gave his first impressions of the facility. “It’s definitely a place I would come work out. Everything that we have in our workout facility is here at 49ers Fit. It’s a great place to be and it’s got everything you could ask for.”

Team reporter for the 49ers, Keiana Martin, was just as positive about the performance potential in 49ers Fit. “I’m mind blown,” Keianna exclaimed. “From the equipment to the classes, I will definitely be back to train like a pro right here.”

A gym opening with 49ers and fitness royalty.

49ers Fit was opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony featuring 49ers president, Al Guido, and 49ers Fit chairman, Mark Mastrov. The inspirational facility includes a 100-foot turf area for functional and group training, as well as space for cardio and strength training, yoga and cycling plus group fitness studios, a recovery lounge, kids room and more.

Additionally, 49ers Fit members will have access to popular Escape functional fitness tools including Plyosoft Boxes, Multiplyos, TIYRs, Bulgarian Bags, and STEP and RISERs.

“The Fit brand stands for quality and consistency. With the new 49ers Fit brand concept, it’s important the club provides that same high quality experience fans associate with the NFL team itself,” said Matthew Januszek, co-founder of Escape.

“Every piece of equipment they offer has to deliver. 49ers Fit was looking for a frame solution that could work across all the different group classes and programs they offer. They needed boxing bags to move in and out of place quickly and easily for classes and programs, and then lock back in place to be sturdy for PT. Our robust BOA Rail and Boxing Bag System outperformed all of the others on the market and is the quality fans expect from the 49ers.”


Escape worked through M6 Fotball on 49ers Fit. For more insights from fitness industry thought leaders and entrepreneurs, check out the blog homepage.