Urethane Barbell Sets.

These new Escape barbells feature the same free weight range innovations for practicality and performance whether being used by an inexperienced or long-term lifter. Like the dumbbells, these bars are all hard chromed to our highest specification, batch sampled throughout manufacture and salt spray tested.

Available Weights:

APUBB020: 20lb Barbell
APUBB030: 30lb Barbell
APUBB040: 40lb Barbell
APUBB050: 50lb Barbell
APUBB060: 60lb Barbell
APUBB070: 70lb Barbell
APUBB080: 80lb Barbell
APUBB090: 90lb Barbell
APUBB100: 100lb Barbell
APUBB110: 110lb Barbell

APUBB2060: 20-60lb Set
APUBB70110: 70-110lb Set
APUBB20110: 20-110lb Set



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The 3D embossed micro-injection badges clearly show weights, while also offering the option for branding for your fitness facility to further encourage member engagement.

The unique head shape is a mathematical transition from round at the front face to an Octagon at the rear, giving parallel faces for anti-roll confidence.