Universal Racks.

Whether you need versatility in equipment stored or where to place shelving, the universal racks offer options for both, available with two or three shelves.

Available Weights:

RACKU2: 2 Shelf Universal Rack.
RACKU3: 3 Shelf Universal Rack.

Price from:


With this storage option it's easy to create an entire workout's worth of equipment stored on one small footprint shelving option. This way everyone has access to the same equipment from a single, easily sanitised station.


RACKU2: Size: 77" (67" if feet are turned inward) x 27.5" x 30". Max load: 661lb. Weight: 117lb.
RACKU3: Size: 77" (67" if feet are turned inward) x 27.5" x 45". Max load: 661lb. Weight: 166.5lb.

*Equipment not included.

Either use the universal shelving to display a full weight range of one particular training tool, or show off a range of different exercise equipment that complements your fitness space.