Thai Bag.

The stronger, more durable material straps on our new Thai Bag make it much quieter than the traditional chain-strapped Thai bags, enabling combat programs to coincide more harmoniously with other gym sessions.



A great fit for any boutique or combat-focused space, this full-length bag is perfect for workouts in Muay Thai and MMA styles incorporating punches, elbows, kicks and knees. It performs brilliantly for developing endurance, rotational power and overall conditioning.

The weight and materials of the Thai Bag provides realistic feedback and ensures this premium quality bag not only maintains its shape but protects users during workouts. The non-slip material reflects the benefits of making an impactful connection with each hit. 

Size: 65” x 14”. Weight: 99lb.

Master your technique first when using the Thai Bag – you will avoid injury and enhance your results. Then, rev up the power with every jab, kick and hook.

The bag can be tied securely in place using the loop attached to the base to prevent it from swinging, allowing for a faster, more powerful and ultimately more intense workout.