Studio Kettlebells.

These durable Studio Kettlebells are gentle on your grip as well as your flooring. Exceptionally well-designed, the cast iron bell is vinyl dipped with bright colors so you can easily organize your collection by weight.

Built to last and versatile, these effective weights start at 4lbs, which makes them a great tool for even novice fitness members to use. Perfect for adding resistance to a variety of upper and lower body exercises, such as single-leg deadlifts, kettlebell swings, Turkish getups, and more.

Available Weights:

AVKB04: 4lbs (Green)
8lbs (Blue)
12lbs (Red)
16lbs (Gray)
20lbs (Black)
24lbs (Green)
28lbs (Blue)
32lbs (Red)
36lbs (Gray)
40lbs (Black)

RACKKB2: 2 Shelf Rack



Price from:


Our Studio Kettlebells are made to sit comfortably in the hand so members can concentrate on their workout. Cast iron construction with a vinyl dip covering means these kettlebells will last longer, but studio floors will also be protected.

Store the Studio kettlebells on the Horizontal Rack, which holds a pair of each weight – 4lbs- 40lbs. If you want to mix kettlebells with other equipment, the RACK5 could store combinations of your choice on each shelf.


RACKKB2: Size: 62" (52" if feet are turned inward) x 27.5" x 30". Weight: 117lb.

Kettlebell Training Workshop.

Why take this kettlebell training workshop? Kettlebells have been a popular product in health clubs for many years and for good reason. The kettlebell is a sturdy, functional training tool that aids the achievement of a variety of fitness goals.

Kettlebells are commonplace in gyms, often leading trainers to feel there is no need to complete any accredited training prior to teaching kettlebell exercises, often opting to ‘learn’ from friends or the Internet. For a training tool of this nature this can be very detrimental for both trainer and client.

The kettlebell is not a straightforward piece of equipment and the technical aspects of the movements mean both good knowledge and experience is essential for successful results. A good understanding of the movement patterns and how to improve these will deliver far superior results for all members and clients whilst dramatically reducing the risk of injury.

In order to do this successfully a proper understanding of the mechanics, technique and movement pattern is necessary. This workshop will give you the need-to-know information to get the best from Escape Fitness kettlebells with some of the key kettlebell exercises and fundamental movements for maximum results.

The Benefits.

  • Learn about the different kettlebells and what they are designed for.
  • Master the correct technique when squatting and bending correctly using kettlebell equipment.
  • Learn how to improve swing technique.
  • Improve your clients’ movement patterns with kettlebells and help them establish strong and controlled techniques.