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    Soft and slip-resistant modular flooring system for stretching, gym balls and foam rolling. Ideal for yoga studios.

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    Escape fitness Flexi-Soft.



      Quick to lay and the tapered edge strip reduces risk of injury. The tiles do not need to be fixed to the floor, allowing them to be easily moved for greater flexibility of layouts.

      Absorbs impact while being comfortable for stretching exercises thanks to their dense foam composition. They are also very easy to clean.

      Color contrasting edges and corners are tapered to prevent tripping and allow safe entry and exit on and off the mat.

      All prices exclude sales tax and delivery.

      MAT510S - Size 39” x 39” x ¾”.
      MAT511S - Size 39” x 7¼” x ¾”.
      MAT512S - Size 7¼” x 7¼” x ¾”.

      Price is per tile and does not include fitting.

      If you're purchasing offline products, we will contact you within two working days and advise shipping costs based on delivery location.
      Full details of the order will be confirmed and payment taken by telephone.

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