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    Ubersoft Roller.

    This roller allows beginners to achieve greater muscle flexibility and can also be used to improve their balance. It’s great for easing tension and tightness after workouts with a light, forgiving massage.

    Ubersoft Roller (Gray)
    SKU: USR001
    $53.00 Exc. TAX
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    Ubersoft Roller (Gray)
    SKU: USR001
    $53.00 Exc. TAX
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    Purchase offline

    Low-density foam provides a forgiving surface, ideal for those new to foam rolling.

    Use the Ubersoft Roller on Escape Flexi-Soft flooring for a comfortable rolling experience.

    The Self Myofascial Release with Foam Rollers Product Training Workshop will provide instructors and PTs with the knowledge they need to implement foam rollers correctly and effectively.

    Size: 35½” x 6”.

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