Ridge Roller.

Cool looking yet brilliantly effective, the Ridge Roller mimics the pressure applied by a sports therapist’s hands.

The textured surface offers superb feel, allowing the user to apply significant but bearable amounts of pressure on both muscle and fascia for a true pain/pleasure experience.

Size: 35.5” x 6”.

Use the Ridge Roller to improve mobility in joints and to relieve muscles after strenuous training sessions.

Self Myofascial Training Workshop.

Self myofascial release has become an essential part of any functional training programme to assist with movement efficiency. It becomes a very powerful tool for any personal trainer once they have established an understanding of how it works.

Completing our SMR workshop is vital to get the most from the Escape Fitness range of rollers, and how to make this simple piece of exercise equipment highly valued in your clients’ workouts. This workshop will show you the best methods of SMR and when to use it to get the best results. With a good SMR programme you can improve movement and reduce injury rate, meaning you can train smart and get better results.

The majority of health clubs have some sort of foam roller lying in the corner of their club that is not being used effectively (if at all!). Wouldn’t it be nice to have a training team that can instruct members how to use rollers for effective self myofascial release? This workshop will get you on your way to implementing SMR programmes into your club as small group classes or within personal training sessions.

The Benefits.

  • Understand how and why you should implement self myofascial release into personal training sessions.
  • Know where and how to use self myofascial release on clients.
  • Learn the importance of the pain threshold scale and how this works with self myofascial release.
  • Discover different tools to use and the benefits that they offer.
  • Get your clients moving more efficiently and reduce injury rate.
  • Learn how to unlock tightness that can impede clients’ results.