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Plyosoft Box.


Take your training experience to a new level with plyometrics. Open up opportunities for stable box jump patterns in frontal, lateral and transverse planes. Adding to the challenge are target markings as part of the top surface design, giving users precise areas to aim for.

Plyometric training is ideal for improving lower body strength and stability and can be embraced by users of all different abilities, from beginners right through to professional athletes.

Perfect for use in a functional training class, the Plyosoft Box has soft edges so that users can jump in full confidence, without fear of injuring their shin, unlike traditional wooden or metal plyometric boxes.

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The patented Velcro flaps lock away when not in use, keeping everything neat and tidy. PTs can instruct users to land their hands or feet on targets on the top surface for an extra challenge.



Light weight for easy movement and storage, the Plyosoft boxes are cleverly engineered. Both top and bottom surfaces are made of anti-slip material for performance and stability. Targets are printed using a proprietary method that’s especially long lasting. For more durability, a tough outer material is tightly fitted over a firm foam filling.

01: Size: 12” x 29½” x 35”. Weight: 29 lbs.
02: Size: 18” x 29½” x 35”. Weight: 31 lbs.
03: Size: 24” x 29½” x 35”. Weight: 36 lbs.
06: Size: 6” x 30” x 36”. Weight: 14 lbs.

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