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    Plyosoft Box.

    About the Plyosoft Box.

    The Escape Fitness Plyosoft Box® is available in a range of five heights that can be used together or individually, helping users to progress and regress plyometric jumps and step-up exercises.

    Plyometric training is ideal for improving lower body strength and stability and can be embraced by users of all different abilities, from beginners right through to professional athletes.

    Perfect for use in a functional training class, the Plyosoft Box has soft edges so that users can jump in full confidence, without fear of injuring their shin, unlike traditional wooden or metal plyometric boxes.

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    Our Plyosoft Boxes can be used together or individually and have been specifically designed to incorporate urethane anti-slip landing strips on top and across the bottom face to stop the box from slipping.



    The strong Velcro fixing straps mean exercises can be performed without worrying that the boxes will come apart. The cross-linked, soft foam core boxes allow prevent user injury by decreasing the impact on joints when landing.

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    We hope you are enjoying the Escape Plyosoft Box. If you still have any questions, please complete the form or call us on 614 706 4462.