Pro Bounder.

Specially manufactured for commercial use, the Pro Bounder is safe, strong and fun. It features rubber bungees in place of steel springs for ultimate member safety and a smooth rebounding workout. Light enough to carry around your club, but durable enough for the demands of a busy gym, the Pro Bounder adds bounce to any workout.



The frame of the Pro Bounder is an extremely strong steel tube, light enough to carry around but sturdy enough for even the most aggressive rebounding. Rubber bumpers act as ‘feet’ on the legs to ensure it does not move during fast-paced workouts. Rubber bungees are used on the Pro Bounder as they provide a smoother bounce than springs and are safer for users if they get hands or feet caught within the cords. For extra safety, the bungees are covered by a protective mat.

Size: 45¾ x 12¼. Weight: 22lbs.

Use the Pro Bounder as part of circuits or bootcamps for a station that provides an effective cardio workout. Rebounding has physiological benefits, such as reduced stress on joints and boosted lymphatic drainage.