Power Bands.

Looking for a little help to get you started with bodyweight training? Power Bands can support members when performing pull-ups and ab rollouts, and add resistance to squats and other exercises.

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Power Band 01 (Green). WBANDS
Power Band 02 (Blue). WBANDM
Power Band 03 (Red). WBANDL
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These Power Bands come in three different resistance levels and are constructed in layers to prevent breakage. Made from premium quality latex rubber, they are really tough and support any workout. Attach the Power Bands to the Octagon or Octagon BOX frames to support your members who really want to improve their strength training with advanced moves like pull-ups or dips.

WBANDS - Width: 1”. Length: 40”. Resistance: 24lbs-80lbs.
WBANDM - Width: 1.75”. Length: 40”. Resistance: 50lbs-120lbs.
WBANDL - Width: 2.5”. Length: 40”. Resistance: 60lbs-150lbs

Start members off with the red Power Band, which offers the most support, and progress through to blue, then green. The different resistance options provide the opportunity to progress and regress as required, producing measurable results for the end user.