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We’ve designed this workshop to introduce you to the essentials of the Bulgarian Bag. It is a foundation into learning the true potential of Bulgarian Bag training and will reveal all the things a Bulgarian Bag can offer you and your clients during a workout.

This is a training tool which requires education to experience the real benefits of the training methods. In this workshop you’ll learn the key techniques from some of the most beneficial exercises to help get you on your way with Bulgarian Bag Training.

Boost your heart rate.

The Bulgarian Bag can offer a full-body workout in a short space of time; the workouts will send your heart rate rocketing, burning fat and developing muscle. In this workshop we have included a brilliant introductory Bulgarian Bag workout, which you’ll be able to introduce to clients instantly on completion of this training.

The Bulgarian Bag is a superb all-round training tool, which, once perfected, can deliver brilliant results for a variety of fitness goals. Anyone implementing the Bulgarian Bag into their health club without completing the training is doing themselves and their clients an injustice – the Bulgarian Bag is one of the most versatile, innovative and effective functional training products you can introduce to your gym or PT sessions.

  • Want to introduce your clients to a high-intensity workout that gets great results, fast?
  • Craving an injection of life, fun and dynamism into your core training sessions?
  • Are you looking for a more integrated, functional approach to your upper body strength and power training?
  • Have you been working with the Bulgarian Bag and finding it hard to introduce it to clients in an effective fashion?

This is why we designed this workshop; the Bulgarian Bag has so many benefits for all users that without appropriate training you may not realise the potential of the product. No longer is the Bulgarian Bag just for the wrestling fraternity. Now all fitness enthusiasts can experience amazing results. Thanks to the unique system of teaching we have created ensures trainers can deliver Bulgarian Bag exercises in a safe, effective fashion.


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  • Uncover how to perform the essential Bulgarian Bag exercises.
  • Discover how you can implement the Bulgarian Bag training methods to your clients’ fast-paced, metabolic workouts.
  • Secure an effective method of introducing the Bulgarian Bag Spin.
  • Revolutionise the way you deliver strength and power training in your clients’ sessions.
  • Enhance your knowledge of training and keep your clients and members engaged.
  • Learn how to teach the exercises safely and effectively for best results.
  • Help your members get faster, more effective results whilst having fun in their training sessions.




Delivery format: Two hours in-club workshop OR via online self-study.
REPs points: 2
CEU points: 0.2
Assessment: Online (for in-club and online delivery formats).

Participants receive a certificate of attendance online once completed.

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