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    Fitness environments that inspire.

    As markets become bigger and more saturated, having a unique strategy to deliver striking and eye-catching designs within your fitness space is vital to ensure customer attraction and retention.

    We tend to make judgements on something within nine seconds of seeing it. This is spoken about a lot in the business and professional industry, and chances are it’s no different for people who are attending your gym. So what do they see when they first walk in? A breath-taking first impression could result in a member for life.

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    At Escape Fitness we know that the right design for your gym can revolutionize your appeal and your revenue potential. You will be able to attract and retain the best personal trainers. You will have more people attending and telling their friends about your gym.

    The design of your facility needs to work for you, your staff and trainers, and for your members and customers. Good design enables members and trainers to operate safely and workout hard in well equipped, specific areas.

    Our advanced team of visualization and gym design experts can help you achieve this, no matter what the size of your club. From specific flooring zones, to challenging functional training areas and sprint tracks, we know how to provide a gym experience that really works. Better still, we will create complete 3D visualizations of your facility so you know exactly how it will look on completion.

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    Creating the best fitness experience.

    Gym studios and boutiques excel at running superb workouts with a unique or specialist feel. They are usually high intensity functional training workouts with a brilliant blend of fun and effectiveness. Nobody gets bored: everybody gets challenged and finishes on a high.

    These great functional training experiences require careful planning and meticulous execution. After many years of helping clubs to create superb functional fitness experiences, we have found what works well and what doesn't.


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    Talk to someone about making your fitness space dream a reality for your members, your staff and yourself. We're leading a functional movement - a global community that's looking beyond fitness to escape its mental, physical and professional limits. Join us and create the ultimate functional training experience.

    You will receive an initial call from one of our consultants to discuss your concept, plans and requirements at a time to suit you, anywhere in the world.

    We will explore design and equipment options, training and education, and programming opportunities that create a full fitness experience for staff and members alike.

    You will receive a follow-up email detailing all of the elements of the consultation and further information about how to move forward in completing the ultimate fitness space.

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