Nucleus Urethane Dumbbell Sets.

With a permanently-bonded, steel head and dual lock construction, this innovative dumbbell range even features weight indications with the opportunity to customize for your brand. The unique head shape is a mathematical transition from round at the front face to an Octagon at the rear, giving the parallel faces for anti-roll benefits.

Available Weights:

APUDB225: 2.5-25lbs Set
APUDB550: 5-50lbs Set
APUDB575: 5-75lbs Set
APUDB55100: 55-100lbs Set
APUDB105125: 105-125lbs Set
APUDB130150: 130-150lbs Set


Price from:


Every aspect of the Nucleus Free Weight Range has been carefully considered over two years, with decades of experience put into its development. This ensures that every aspect of design has been considered to offer the most value and benefit to members.

Texture and shaping innovation is at the forefront here, held together by a permanently-bonded, steel head and dual lock construction.

HANDLES - Salt spray tested chrome handles.
BADGE - 3D embossed micro-injection badge.
FIXING - Premium textures for squat and swing grip variation.
EVOLUTION EDGING - Circle-to-octagon shaping inspires anti-roll confidence.

Add your logo to each dumbbell for brand awareness and to fit in with your facility's design.