Multi Grip Medball.

Members benefit from increased stability and even more workout options thanks to a practical twist on the classic medball design.

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20lb Multi Grip Medball AMGMED20
5 Shelf Multi Rack RACKM5
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10 Shelf Multi Rack RACKM10
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The ergonomic handles mean that each ball can be comfortably used with one or two hands to unlock a new way of working out compared with traditional medballs. 

Made from textured rubber with ergonomic handles and designed to bounce, this range is available singly from 6kg/12lbs to 10kg/20lbs in 1kg/2lbs increments.

Increased forearm strength and grip improvements both result from multi grip medball training. Members can easily add weight to fundamental movements such as squats, lunges, wood chops, twists and more.