Lift Zone.

This heavy-duty and flexible lifting platform offers superb shock absorption, ensuring your flooring is protected from damage and marking.

Available Options:

LIFTPLAT3: Lift Zone Basic (Small).
LIFTPLAT4: Lift Zone Basic (Large).

Price from:


The Lift Zone helps to reduce noise in heavy lifting areas. 100% EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) strong rubber top wear layer ensures the Lift Zone’s performance is second-to-none.


Small: 79" x 39" x 1.5". Weight: 176lb.
Large: 79" x 79" x 1.5". Weight: 353lb.

Use the Lift Zone to create a designated lifting area within your club. The Lift Zone will help protect gym floors and keep the area clear so people can practise Olympic lifting confidently and safely. Plus, because the Lift Zone is portable it can be can be assembled and disassembled to move it around the club – so your floor, equipment and members are always protected.