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Heavy Pro Punchbag.

Let your members put in the work with this premium heavy boxing bag, designed to withstand maximum punishment without the same resulting noise of other bags.

Heavy Pro Punchbag
$500.00 Exc. TAX
Purchase offline
Heavy Pro Punchbag
$500.00 Exc. TAX
Purchase offline

Made from PVC-coated polyester with polyester lace stitching, the Pro Punchbag Heavy is part of a new cost-effective combat range that is made for absorbing hard work and demanding more.

Other members using the space won’t be distracted by noisy bag work, thanks to the polypropylene web straps and leather reinforcement holding the bag up.

Whether used for solo strike work or as part of a PT or group session, the Pro Punchbag Heavy will challenge any ability when it comes to boxing or MMA technique and endurance.

Size: 16.5” x 50”. Weight: 100 lbs.

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