Fitness Bulgarian Bag.

Bright colors, a range of weight options and a huge selection of different applications – the Fitness Bulgarian Bag should feature in every serious functional training zone.

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11lb Fitness Bulgarian Bag (Green). FVBBAG5V3
17lb Fitness Bulgarian Bag (Blue). FVBBAG8V3
26lb Fitness Bulgarian Bag (Red). FVBBAG12V3
37lb Fitness Bulgarian Bag (Grey). FVBBAG17V3
50lb Fitness Bulgarian Bag (Black). FVBBAG22V3
5 Shelf Multi Rack RACKM5
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The Fitness Bulgarian Bag has a synthetic leather coating, making it easy to wipe down and keep clean.

The handles, grips and straps mean the bag can be used for a range of different exercises.

The bright colours and range of weight options mean the Bulgarian Bag should feature in every serious functional training zone.

FVBBAG5V3: 11lbs (Green).
FVBBAG8V3: 17lbs (Blue).
FVBBAG12V3: 26lbs (Red).
FVBBAG17V3: 37lbs (Gray).
FVBBAG22V3: 50lbs (Black).

Bulgarian Bag Training Workshop.

We’ve designed this workshop to introduce you to the essentials of the Bulgarian Bag. It is a foundation into learning the true potential of Bulgarian Bag training and will reveal all the things a Bulgarian Bag can offer you and your clients during a workout.

This is a training tool which requires education to experience the real benefits of the training methods. In this workshop you’ll learn the key techniques from some of the most beneficial exercises to help get you on your way with Bulgarian Bag Training.

The Benefits.

  • Uncover how to perform the essential Bulgarian Bag exercises.
  • Discover how you can implement the Bulgarian Bag training methods to your clients’ fast-paced, metabolic workouts.
  • Secure an effective method of introducing the Bulgarian Bag Spin.
  • Revolutionise the way you deliver strength and power training in your clients’ sessions.
  • Enhance your knowledge of training and keep your clients and members engaged.
  • Learn how to teach the exercises safely and effectively for best results.
  • Help your members get faster, more effective results whilst having fun in their training sessions.