Introducing the CRUX.

Introducing the CRUX..

The ultimate in infinity rope training.

Traditionally, rope training systems have employed fixed resistance meaning this form of training has been largely reserved for those who already have a good level of upper body strength.

With its unique, easy-switch adjustable resistance system, the CRUX makes rope pulling accessible to all abilities, creating a training aid that enhances any workout, individual or a group of mixed abilities.

Whether performing a high-low chop, a standing crunch, a seated pull or a high energy combination of functional patterns, the CRUX provides the flexibility trainers need to be able to open up this performance-driven style of training to all abilities.

This functional piece of kit is intuitive, beautifully designed and requires zero setup. Durable and versatile, it can be used for speed work to build explosive power on a lower resistance and then switched-up to apply heavier concentric loads for muscle building.

The quick and easy resistance adjustments keep workouts fluid, even in mixed ability groups. Maintaining heart rates throughout the session delivers optimal results and an experience that everyone will benefit from and enjoy.

Constructed from a heavy-duty steel case and polypropylene rope, the CRUX is built to withstand a high level of repeated punishment, making it the perfect addition to any training environment.

Designed to ergonomically complement Escape’s own brand Octagon frames, the CRUX can be attached to a variety of training frames, adding a new dimension to strength training or metabolic conditioning workouts that cannot be matched by any other rope training system on the market.

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