Trends to Transform the Fitness Industry in 2024.

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Trends to transform the fitness industry in 2024 - Anthony Vennare and Mo Iqbal.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, we are joined by two of the industry’s most sought after thought leaders; Anthony Vennare, successful entrepreneur and Founder of Fiit Insider, and Mo Iqbal, Founder and CEO of Sweatworks, to take a look back at the fitness industry ‘Flexes and Fails’ of 2023 as well as discuss 2024 predictions and future trends.

The fitness industry has been through a tumultuous time. A time of change, challenges and opportunities. Some innovations have received rocketing success and yet others have fallen by the wayside. Technology has seen a surge in advancements from connected fitness, to AI and AR/VR experiences whilst consumer demand has become more modernised and personalised.

The industry is in a moment of great development, but knowing which innovation, technology or trend to follow presents its own problems.

In this episode of the Escape your Limits Podcast, Matthew, Mo and Anthony discuss 2023 ‘Flexes and Fails’ and debate the predictions and future trends for 2024. Topics include:
  • The ‘Flexes and Fails’ of big tech and mid-sized companies.
  • Experiential versus digital experiences.
  • The questionable hype of connected fitness.
  • The value of community and the in-person model.
  • The focus on wellness, health and longevity.
  • Mental health, resilience and recovery.
  • Predictions and future trends set to take 2024 by storm.

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