The untold history of strength equipment & the fitness industry.

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The untold history of strength equipment & the fitness industry.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is Roy Simonson. Whilst he may not be a household name, there are few gym-users who would not have seen or trained on equipment he designed or inspired.

Roy revolutionalised the fitness industry with his game-changing strength equipment innovations. Firstly, when in his early twenties, Roy sold his company, Eagle Fitness, to CYBEX, where as Head of Product Development, he introduced its highly acclaimed VR and VR2 lines and launched more than 100 new strength and cardio products.

Fast forward to 1999 and his cable-based weight stack machines, designed by his own company Ground Zero Designs, later renamed Freemotion Fitness, made it possible to train in multiple planes. This effectively launched the concept and application of ‘functional training’ to the masses. Since then, Roy has gone on to design for other major equipment brands including Resolute and Eleiko.

Alongside his professional success, Roy has enjoyed 30 years of competitive single speed track cycling, racing on a bike he designed himself.

Roy has very little interest in self-promotion which is why you won’t find him on social media.

Today, Roy Simonson talks about:

  • How strength training products designed for CYBEX ended Nautilus’ market dominance.
  • Creating machines that drive health, mobility, activity and fitness.
  • The inspiration behind Hammer Strength.
  • The launch of CYBEX’s best-selling VR & VR2 lines.
  • The lack of good education in the industry.
  • Snowboarding and how it inspired the design of Freemotion’s cable machines.
  • Trends and predictions.

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