The new enemy of the fitness industry.

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The new enemy of the Fitness Industry.

In 2020, Jarrod became COO of World Gym International, responsible for the commercial and operational success of 225 facilities across 15 countries. Whilst in this role he continued to grow his full-service Health Club Doctor consultancy brand.

Today, Jarrod’s work takes him all over the world, working directly with club operators to maximize profits and accelerate business growth, as well as sharing his experience and insights via keynote speeches at international conferences and trade shows.

Today, Jarrod Saracco talks about:

  • A controversial fitness industry news story hitting the headlines.
  • The importance of having tough conversations in order to drive change.
  • Both the generational and cultural shift taking place within fitness.
  • The positive, and negative role media can play in ‘PR-ing’ the industry.
  • The fear of voicing an opinion in case of criticism.
  • The power of gym culture.
  • The power our industry has to impact change.

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