The Crash & Rebirth of a Fitness Industry Leader.

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The Crash & Rebirth of a Fitness Industry Leader - Jay Worthy Tells His Story.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is Jay Worthy, a hugely accomplished corporate leader who, at the height of his success, swapped life in the boardroom for life as a self-employed, high-performance coach.

Few in the industry have climbed the corporate career ladder as fast as Jason. Having entered the fitness industry as a personal trainer, Jason flipped to supplier side, joining Technogym in a sales role before, in 2012 accepting a position as GM for EMEA with Life Fitness.

This moved marked the start of a meteoric rise through the corporate ranks which included significant stepping stones such as MD UK, MD EMEA, VP of Innovation and CTO, leading to the appointment as President and CEO in 2018. In this role, Jason successfully led the separation of Life Fitness (a $1BN division of Brunswick Corporation) from parent company by way of a sale to KPS Capital Partners, then reset the global growth strategy to safeguard the company’s future.

In 2022, Jason returned to operations as CEO of leading franchise business, Anytime Fitness UK, before making a surprise move out of the corporate environment into a new role as a non-executive director, author, and life coach, driven by a desire to help individuals and companies optimise the link between human health and nature.

In this highlights episode, Jay talks about:
  • Defining recovery and wellness through body metrics.
  • How making decisions is impacted by your emotional state.
  • The impact of a ‘use and dispose’ culture on our workforce.
  • Importance of making time for reset and recovery.
  • The dangers of a ‘do or die’ culture.
  • A personal experience of emotional breakdown and Imposter Syndrome.
  • Reaching crisis point.
  • The positive impact of connecting with nature.

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