More Industry Consolidation and the Evolution of Strength Training.

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More Industry Consolidation and the Evolution of Strength Training.

On this week’s episode of LIFTS, Matthew Januszek, CEO of Escape Fitness and Mo Iqbal, Founder & CEO of SweatWorks speak with Bruce Smith, Founder of Hydrow, the leading connected rower that brings the on-water experience of rowing straight to your home.

They discuss Hydrow’s recent developments, including the acquisition of Speede, a digital resistance training company aimed at transforming strength training. Bruce shares his vision of combining rowing, strength, and other modalities into a single connected fitness platform.

He also offers his perspective on Peloton’s challenges and potential paths forward under new leadership. They explore topics like motivation, incentives, and how technology can be leveraged to improve long-term user adherence. They also consider trends in the industry, such as the growing emphasis on whole health and wellness.

Topics discussed include:

  • Hydrow’s acquisition of a digital resistance company and plans to integrate strength training.
  • Peloton’s leadership changes and challenges.
  • Using technology and data to better understand user motivation and incentivization.
  • The growing trend of whole health and wellness among fitness brands. 
  • Predictions for the future of connected fitness, including potential consolidation in the industry.

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