Knees over toes training - going backwards.

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Knees over toes training - going backwards?

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, our guest is David Mariani, a Strength & Conditioning Coach for ATG (Athletic Truth Group), who has trained thousands of people around the world, with his main purpose to help get them pain-free. 

David currently trains athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB as well as pros around the world. He’s worked with individuals from age 6 up to 86, as well as working with many Doctors, Physical Therapists, Trainers and Coaches by training and educating them in ATG methodologies.

Today, David Mariani talks about:

  • The benefits of training backwards.
  • The importance of leaning into discomfort.
  • The emotional and psychological toll of injuries.
  • Best practice for training specific muscle groups.
  • Dealing with top athletes where mistakes are costly.
  • Rebuilding the ability to pain free.

To learn more about David Mariani, CLICK HERE.

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