Introducing the STAKRBELL.

Introducing the STAKRBELL..

Uniquely flat, space-saving, safety-conscious and stackable.

Gone are the days of loose dumbbells creating training hazards in the commercial or at-home fitness environment. The STAKRBELL has a uniquely flat design that allows the dumbbells to stack effortlessly together creating a flexible, storage solution perfect for commercial or at-home use ensuring a safer, more usable floor space for training.

The dumbbell has evolved.

The ideal companion to the best-selling Deck 2.0, the STAKRBELL tucks away seamlessly in the integrated storage space, along with other equipment such as resistance bands, forming a self-contained training solution.

Engineered by Ross Weir, of Progressive Sports based at Loughborough University, who designed the original Deck back in 2001, STAKRBELL includes 4lb and 6lb weights which link together without the need for fixings.

With a polyurethane coating, colour coded to complement the striking design of the Deck, these dumbbells are extremely durable and anti-abrasive, easily holding up against the wear and tear of the toughest strength training and functional workouts.

“The Deck has become a timely classic, supporting diverse training needs around the world for more than twenty years. Even today, it is one of Escape’s most popular products, both in commercial and consumer markets.

Whilst STAKRBELL performs perfectly well as an independent product, it has been specifically designed to complement the Deck, creating an equipment bundle that unlocks an almost limitless compendium of training options perfect in group, 1-to-1 or individual training settings.”

Matthew Januszek, CEO, Escape Fitness.

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