Fixing a Broken Industry.

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Fixing a Broken Industry - Vishal Amin & Daniel Chappell, Co-founders of UNTIL.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guests are Vishal Amin and Daniel Chappell, Co-Founders of UNTIL, a member’s club and workspace spinning the industry on its head.

A business launch with an ambition to fix a broken industry, UNTIL is liberating freelance practitioners and small businesses by providing them with access to premium facilities, digital products and expertise to help them grow their business.

Vishal has spent his career unlocking business opportunities from early stage start-ups to global organizations whilst Daniel has a wealth of experience working in the world of fitness and sport that spans over a decade.

In this episode of the Escape your Limits Podcast, Vishal and Daniel talk about:

  • Shaking up an archaic industry.
  • Empowering practitioners to know their ‘brand’.
  • Consolidating a fragmented industry.
  • Being a ‘petri-dish’ for practitioners.
  • Having a proactive mindset to health and fitness.
  • Creating a high-quality, supportive community of professionals.
  • How communication drives a better service of care.
  • Why hybrid is here to stay.

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