Fit Tech & Gen Z Trends at Les Mills LIVE in Los Angeles 2023.

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Fit Tech & Gen Z Trends at Les Mills LIVE in Los Angeles 2023.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, we headed to LA for Les Mills Live. The ultimate training festival returned jam-packed with epic music, off the scale energy and the debut of the newest innovations presented by the next generation of trainers.

From the show floor we caught up with industry experts Dan Cohen, Program Director at Les Mills, Stuart Wells, VP Marketing & Content from adidas Runtastic, Amber Taylor, Chief Digital Product Officer at Les Mills, Clive Ormerod, Group CEO at Les Mills and Kaylah-Blayr Fitzsimons-Nu’u, Les Mills Presenter & Instructor to talk fitness trends, industry innovations and how best to attract, and retain, the Gen Z population.

Discussing what each expert is pioneering, supporting, and recognizing in the fast-moving world of fitness, this podcast highlights:

  • Maintaining relevance in a changing market.
  • How Les Mills is utilizing A1 to boost experience.
  • Understanding what makes each generation tick.
  • Importance of dialogue and listening.
  • The importance of addressing mental health.
  • Core values; healthy people, healthy planet.
  • Helping consumers make real change.
  • Offering a more well-rounded, holistic offer.
  • How Les Mills is utilizing A1 to improve the mover experience.
  • Measuring intrinsic and extrinsic behaviours.

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