Biohacking Resilience - Dan Metcalfe's Journey to Optimal Fitness.

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Biohacking Resilience - Dan Metcalfe's Journey to Optimal Fitness.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is Dan Metcalfe. Known as “The Senior Champion’ due to his refusal to let society’s rules of aging limit the possibilities of those who truly want to live longer and better, Dan Metcalfe is recognized around the world as a leading balance and mobility expert.

Having created, almost by accident, the complete 60uP Balance System including the product and a range of workouts, Dan Metcalfe launched to market. Within 12 months, 60uP had become a multi-million-dollar company, delivering his complete Balance System to consumers around the globe, enhancing balance and strength for everyone, but particularly focused on older ‘old adults – ‘60uP’.

Dan has an incredibly diverse back story, one that is filled with challenges and achievements. He has performed at the highest level as an athlete, a dancer, a Hollywood actor, a coach, a public speaker, and an entrepreneur.

In this podcast, Dan talks about:

  • The importance of goal setting.
  • Aligning your ‘why’ to your ‘passion’.
  • The influence of the brain on performance.
  • How much of performance is mental.
  • The difference between a winner and a champion.
  • The effect of good brain health on physical health.

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