Beyond the Hype - CBD Miracle Remedy or Modern Snake Oil?

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Beyond the Hype - CBD Miracle Remedy or Modern Snake Oil?

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is Roald Tromp, CEO of CBD Sports.

Having exposed his body to many years of competitive sports from baseball, tennis and skiing to CrossFit and MMA, Roald developed a knee injury that resulted in chronic pain. He learnt to live with the pain which not only hampered his athletic performance but also limited his ability to carry out everyday tasks and made it almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep, slowing recovery.

Whilst working at a sports exhibition, Roald was encouraged to try a CBD product to help him cope with the knee pain and to get him through the long days. This encounter changed his life and set him on a new journey into the world of cannabinoid products.

In 2018, Roald founded CBD Sports, the world’s largest one stop platform offering a range of CBD products specifically for athletes. Roald advocates that any athlete – pro or amateur can benefit from CBD supplements as part of their daily routine. Benefits include faster recovery, less muscle and joint pain and tackling inflammation.

In this podcast, Roald talks about:
  • His personal CBD journey.
  • Types of cannabinoid products and their legal status.
  • The three applications of Cannabis (recreational, medical & supplementation).
  • CBDs impact on performance, sleep, recovery, pain relief and mental resilience.
  • The use of THC.
  • Dosing CBD.
  • Global regulation of CBD.
  • The challenges of marketing CBD.
  • THC versus alcohol.

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