2023 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report.

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2023 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is David Minton, Founder of The Leisure Database Company, leading specialists in the leisure sector, offering key market intelligence and analysis across the fitness industry.

The annual State of the Fitness Industry Report UK that The Leisure Database Company creates, audits the fitness space to provide an insightful overview of the ‘state of play’ and help businesses and individuals gather valuable intelligence needed to make key decisions.

Now nicknamed the ‘Daddy of Data’, Minton is recognised as one of the most insightful experts in the fitness space, a sought-after speaker who uses his expert industry knowledge to help businesses make key decisions and gain competitive advantage.

Today, David Minton shares insights from this year’s report including:

  • Why the industry is worth more than ever before.
  • The importance of personalisation.
  • The boom of the luxury sector.
  • The impact of Covid, inflation and energy prices.
  • The need to collaborate and communicate in order to change.
  • Why the industry undervalues what it provides.

To learn more about David Minton, CLICK HERE.

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