Deck 2.0.

The Deck 2.0 is packed with features to support performance: a top surface with hot spots and intelligent grip, strong steel tubing supporting the adjustable back rest, resistance tube channels, and integrated equipment storage.


About the Deck 2.0

The original Deck established itself as the perfect all-in-one tool for step, circuits, BODYPUMP™ and bootcamps. Now the Deck 2.0 adds even more versatility for cardio and strength workouts with 16 possible configurations, making this the perfect tool for today's studios.

Stepping is now more varied, fun and challenging with specific targets to hit. The entire length of the platform is used for even more exercise options. Anatomic hot spots ensure users have their hands and feet in the right place for every repetition.


Storage and Accessibility.

Two height options in Step mode - 205mm (low step) and 355mm (high step) - mean that those more experienced in these types of sessions can use the lower height to work on speed and accuracy, and the higher option to focus on strength and range of movement.

The Deck 2.0 can also be set up in Ramp mode, with the inclined surface delivering another type of challenge. Finally, raise the backrest to one of three available angles and get into Bench mode to add exercise with freeweights into the mix.


Tech Spec.

Anti-slip rubber top surface features intelligent grip to give users total confidence during fast-paced workouts, with more aggressive tread for feet, and softer tread for hands. The adjustable back rest is supported by strong steel tubing for extra strength and user confidence during weight training.

8" (flat), 38" (extended) x 12" x 48". Weight: 28.7lb.


The Escape Deck 2.0 features target zones for even more programming options for stepping and BODYPUMP™ sessions. Integrated storage means that users can quickly access handweights or resistance bands for fast-paced group training and as a weight bench you can choose between 30°, 45° and 70° angles.

Patent Pending: 1901429.9

Size: 48” x 14” x 8” (flat), 38” (extended). Weight: 28.7lbs.

Deck 2.0 Training Workshop.

Why take this workshop? The Deck is now an established feature of gyms around the world. If you have had any experience with it you will know why: it offers a huge variety of options for exercises and workouts, and yet is relatively simple. This combination of flexibility and simplicity is why any competent trainer will be able to get clients working out on the Deck.

However, you will get so much more from the Deck when you fully understand it and have a thorough grounding in its many configurations and possibilities. So the first component of this training package is information on the features and functions of the Deck 2.0. This is followed by a library of more than 30 essential Deck exercises, many of which incorporate dumbbells, barbells and resistance tubes for greater variety.

The Benefits.

  • Become fully trained in the many ways that the Deck 2.0 can be set up, based around its three modes: Step,  Bench and Ramp.
  • Gain confidence in being able to take clients through more than 30 exercises using the Deck.
  • Come away with ‘ready to go’ small group workouts that are suitable for the vast majority of gym members.
  •  Feel able to develop your own exercises and workouts in order to use the Deck for many years to come.
  • Use your expertise in the Deck and small group programming to expand your client base by offering  something exciting and effective to people of all abilities.

The maximum person weight is 375lbs, if you are using Free Weights in your training, make sure the total weight is not exceeded.

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