Custom Services

Custom Services.

Every athlete, environment & ambition is unique, deliver bespoke experiences for a competitive advantage.

For more than two decades we have worked with leading fitness brands, sports clubs and athletes across the globe to create training solutions, equipment and environments that deliver unique possibilities and experiences. This has required us to build an industry leading team, process and manufacturing facility that enable us to bring our clients dreams to life. We are here to help advise, guide and produce the tools to turn a vision into reality.

A tailored service where we work closely with you to design a unique space where all of your needs are catered for.

Dynamic, high-impact workouts demand a modular, multi-dimensional environment. Look no further than the Octagon range.

Flooring is the basis for all success. Time and care must be taken to correctly identify your specific needs.

We can help you gain recognised qualifications required to coach professionally and build programming/classes for your facility.

We like to work with those who inspire us and look to create bespoke solutions and commercial terms to help them escape their limits.

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If you wish to place an order or have questions about any of our products or services then please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team who will be happy to help.

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