This fitness space staple makes functional training even more accessible for beginners or veterans alike. Deadlift, pull, press, swing and perform many other movements in comfort through great ergonomics and practical weight progression.

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11lbs Corebag (Green). ECB050V3
22lbs Corebag (Blue). ECB100V3
33lbs Corebag (Red). ECB150V3
44lbs Corebag (Grey). ECB200V3
55lbs Corebag (Black). ECB250V3
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Use the Corebag to introduce clients or members to compound lifts and strength training. Teach them the technique with a functional tool where they can progress through weights. The Corebag is also ideal for lunges, squats and presses in a functional circuit.

ECB050V3: 11lbs (Green).
ECB100V3: 22lbs (Blue).
ECB150V3: 33lbs (Red).
ECB200V3: 44lbs (Grey).
ECB250V3: 55lbs (Black).

Corebag Training Workshop.

We’ve created the Corebag workshop to show you how brilliant this product is for movement training. It doesn’t matter who you’re working with, the Corebag is an excellent tool for fundamental movement workouts.

Trainers are often looking for a loaded movement tool that is easy to handle and effective for teaching movement patterns. This is where the Corebag steps in. This workshop will show how the attractive, unintimidating aesthetics and feel attracts all users and gets them moving.

After learning the correct progressions, the power and possibilities of the Corebag can really be felt with our Corebag Complexes. Designed to get your heart racing and challenge you to a brilliant metabolic workout. By completing this workshop you will have the knowledge to teach clients how to squat, bend, lunge, push and pull with correct form and to reap the best results.

The Benefits.

  • Discover how both basic and compound movements with the Corebag improve joint stability and range of motion.
  • Master simple methods to encourage clients to work on the more complex movements like the Clean.
  • Wonder clients with the fun design and the vast range of exercises the Corebag offers.
  • Design, implement and review workout circuits and create challenging complexes that deliver great cardiovascular training effects.