Competition Pro Kettlebells 2.0.

The Competition Pro Kettlebell is designed and engineered as the perfect choice for the most demanding clubs and members. A uniform size across the range and industry standard color coding meet competition standards, while non-competitors will also find that consistent bell sizes make it easier to progress through the weights. Now it’s upgraded with more even weight distribution, extra-tough powder coating and engraved weight indicators for life-long visibility.

Available Weights:

CKB208: 8kg Kettlebell
CKB212: 12kg Kettlebell
CKB216: 16kg Kettlebell
CKB220: 20kg Kettlebell
CKB224: 24kg Kettlebell
CKB228: 28kg Kettlebell
CKB232: 32kg Kettlebell


CKB8322R: 8-32kg Set and Rigid Rack (RACKKB2).
CKB8322L: 8-32kg Set with Octagon Rack (ULLSS11).

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Cast stainless steel handles won't rust. The wide, flat base is perfect for renegade rows and push-ups. A new manufacturing process has created a hollow core design that enables more of the weight to be distributed closer to the handle rather than the base.

Dedicated equipment storage is vital for member safety and contributes to a feeling of quality in a club. The storage options keep kettlebells in top condition while maintaining a smaller footprint than most alternatives. In addition, these racks also improve visibility across the fitness space.

Kettlebell Training Workshop.

Why take this kettlebell training workshop? Kettlebells have been a popular product in health clubs for many years and for good reason. The kettlebell is a sturdy, functional training tool that aids the achievement of a variety of fitness goals.

Kettlebells are commonplace in gyms, often leading trainers to feel there is no need to complete any accredited training prior to teaching kettlebell exercises, often opting to ‘learn’ from friends or the Internet. For a training tool of this nature this can be very detrimental for both trainer and client.

The kettlebell is not a straightforward piece of equipment and the technical aspects of the movements mean both good knowledge and experience is essential for successful results. A good understanding of the movement patterns and how to improve these will deliver far superior results for all members and clients whilst dramatically reducing the risk of injury.

In order to do this successfully a proper understanding of the mechanics, technique and movement pattern is necessary. This workshop will give you the need-to-know information to get the best from Escape Fitness kettlebells with some of the key kettlebell exercises and fundamental movements for maximum results.

The Benefits.

  • Learn about the different kettlebells and what they are designed for.
  • Master the correct technique when squatting and bending correctly using kettlebell equipment.
  • Learn how to improve swing technique.
  • Improve your clients’ movement patterns with kettlebells and help them establish strong and controlled techniques.