Stress - The Good and The Bad

We’re confronted daily by two types of stress. Bad stress leaves you feeling like you lack control. This can wreak havoc on your life, but there are ways to overcome it.

Crystal says, “Good stress is the type that you have control over. Like, I put, you know, pressure on myself to get things done and to accomplish things that Mark and I do and will push each other. That's good stress.

The bad stress, on the other hand, is when you keep looking at the news, at all those insane, crazy things, and it seems like the world is falling apart because that's what the media loves to focus on, right? Because it's so sensational. And you go, I don't have any control over that, though the world is falling apart. That is the worst kind of stress.”

And it's an illusion. We think that the world shapes our experiences, which in turn shape our reality. This leads us to constantly duck and dodge. We’re on edge and constantly stressed out. And it’s bad stress because we don’t have control over what happens out in the world.

But we can change our perspective. The reality is that what you experience in life is created in your own mind. So be willing just to shut the TV and the social media off. Focus on your life, your creation, staying healthy, on being the very best you can be, and you'll start to feel so much more in control of your life because that is the life you control.”

You can control bad stress

YOU have control over your thoughts.

Crystal says, “We have a tremendous amount of creative control over our lives and our thoughts, and how we feel about ourselves in our lives every day. And then there is what I call messy thinking. A lot of that messy thinking we do is programming from our childhood or our lives that you know, and we talk about the seven roadblocks to Asking in this book. That's part of the same thing. 

We're conditioned and programmed from life where we get shut down, and we get stopped, and we want to ask for something more, and we're invalidated or marginalized. And pretty soon, we stop asking. And so we carry around this baggage of unworthiness, doubt, fear, and disconnection from our own dreams, and it becomes a really sad state. 

Bad Stress is Excess Baggage

But what we need to do is recognize it as the first step to creating a better mind and thereby creating a better life experience, just realizing that all of that baggage that you're carrying around really doesn't have to be there. 

You can ask a new question. And you don't have to accept those beliefs about yourself. Are you really unworthy of having success? Of course not. Are you really dumb? No, of course not. You're brilliant. You have an amazing mind. 

So, you need to really be willing to sit with yourself and recognize that those negative programs that are running through your mind sometimes and stop keeping you from doing things, keeping you from asking for your best life, can be changed. 

And the first step is awareness. You just have to be aware that those thoughts aren't you. Those are pieces of baggage that you keep carrying along through your life. Put down the baggage and let it go, and just realize that you get to start your life every day.

I do believe we're doing this dance with the Divine every day. I mean, the Creator of the universe really created an amazing universe, and the universe responds to us. 

The more you anticipate and expect wonderful, good things, and the more you give gratitude for the amazing things you have, the more you become a magnet for those things.

It's the magic button for God's perfect universe. You know, we're allowed to have so much creative power over our lives.

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