The Escape Octagon Range of Equipment

Octagon Frames incorporate innovative storage solutions and optional add-ons that create an immersive training experience and optimize available space. From tucked-away wall-mounted corner units to attention-grabbing standalone statement rigs, these frames are expertly designed to optimize your training space, driving the best results for every user.

Training on Octagon

The unique design of the Escape Octagon range offers unrivaled flexibility. They can be customized to suit the unique layout and needs of one's environment.

Built bespoke to order, this versatile range of modular, functional frames comes in various configurations and provides a performance-focused workout for everyone. And each frame comes with a 10-year warranty.


"Hi, my name is Sabrina. I'm a grad student at USC, so I'm pretty busy. However, I always make sure that I have time to go to the gym. I enjoy working out. I enjoy the equipment, especially the new Octagon because my favorite lift is a deadlift."

"Hi, my name is Enrika. Going to the gym regularly has definitely changed my life. I lost a lot of weight coming here. There's a lot of equipment that you can use, especially the Octagon range of equipment that I find very useful and convenient."

"Hi, my name is Rafael. If you keep going to the gym regularly, you're going to like it more and more. And it's kind of an addicting feeling. The more you come, the more you want to keep coming, and the more you want to get better. I especially like the Octagon frames - they are really cool. It's a lot convenient, especially with varied types of workout equipment within the same space."

Check out Escape's Octagon, which is a revolutionary solution in the fitness field.